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Caffè Teti srl

An italian story.


Lecco, 1985 - A family history.

Salvatore Teti after having worked in the world of coffee as a representative, decides to found his own company, thus the Caffè Teti roasting company was born.

In the space of a few years, Teti coffee has established itself more and more among the bars and cafes of the area, the quality of the coffee beans, care in the roasting phase and a transparent relationship with its customers help to grow the company and consolidate the own image.


Are you looking for a coffee blend with a distinctly different aroma than usual?

Do you have a bar and want to participate in our training courses?

Contact us to receive a commercial offer.


Today the company...

Every day we reach the cups of the best bar, pastry shops, hotels and restaurants in our area with our coffee beans.

Our production focuses on coffee roasting, from which we obtain a wide range of products such as coffee beans, ground coffee, capsules and pods of the most popular formats.

We are able to offer a private-label service.


Vision and mission.

Creating coffee culture is our mission.

An involved culture, made up of the best cultivated coffees and the right tools to process them.

Coffee time becomes an experience to be lived and made to lived and made to live with quality and a conscious attitude.

We want to encourage dialogue and sharing between producers, roasters, bartenders and enthusiasts.

Do you want to be a part of you?

Are you looking for a coffee roaster for your place? Would you like to access our coffee and latte art training courses?


®️ Caffè Teti S.r.l. - Lecco, corso Emanuele Filiberto 74 - 23900 - p.i. 01809180134 - Caffè Teti is a registered trademark, the copyrights are property of Caffè Teti s.r.l.

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